combined transport


How safe is the transport of hazardous goods in comparison with rail/trucks? – This question was investigated by the Pro-Rail Alliance. The result: Goods are much safer on the railways than on the roads.

Interview with Ralf-Charley Schultze, President of UIRR UIRR, together with its allies who promote Combined Transport in the various European countries, launched the Combined Transport for Europe (CT4EU) campaign on 30 November 2021 at the European Intermodal Summit. The objective is to bring the message of Combined Transport’s capabilities to: effectively decarbonise freight transport,reduce Europe´s dependency on imported fossil fuels and mitigate the long-distance truck driver shortage. UIRR coordinates the CT4EU campaign that will accompany the drafting of a series of EU level transport legislative proposals with the potential to fundamentally reform the regulatory framework of freight transportation in the European Single Market. From infrastructure through digitalisation and the operational framework of rail freight to new decarbonisation rules: the European Commission will deliver an unusually high number of substantial proposals in the beginning of 2023 (greening freight package). The European Union aim to double the market share of rail freight…