Kombiverkehr is intermodal by nature – no ifs or buts

Kombiverkehr is there for forwarders. Kombiverkehr provides everything that makes the range of intermodal services so efficient, flexible and productive for freight forwarders: a versatile rail network, best possible routes Europe-wide, one-stop shop, links to relevant seaports, advice on onboarding, cooperation with a variety of railway undertakings. In other words, Kombiverkehr is absolutely neutral when it comes to destinations, railway undertakings, terminals, inland ports and seaports. This has been the case since Kombiverkehr was founded in 1969 and it will continue to be so.  

Because our maxim is simple: Kombiverkehr is willing to work with anyone used in the intermodal transport chain to offer forwarders and logistics companies the best possible choice of connections and high-quality services on the railways, at the terminals and in the ports. And let’s make it clear: Carriers are only customers of Kombiverkehr insofar as they are customers of their forwarders. Kombiverkehr does not deal directly with carriers. This means that forwarders’ shipments are in the best hands with Kombiverkehr.

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