Kombiverkehr and DB Cargo provide transport services in Germany with no impact on the climate.

Kombiverkehr, in cooperation with DB Cargo in Germany, is turning dreams into reality with CO2-free rail transport: transport with no impact on the climate.

The emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main cause of global warming. Transport is responsible for around a quarter of all CO2 emissions in Europe. And this figure is growing in line with volumes of traffic. But there is an alternative. The de.NETeco+ network and the “Eco Plus” product from DB Cargo offered at a surcharge by Kombiverkehr ensure that shipments moved by rail for the main leg of their journey within Germany are 100 per cent CO2-free. All the power that the supplier buys for the transport of these shipments comes purely from renewable sources of energy. Kombiverkehr can thus make a significant contribution to the climate targets of the logistics and industry sectors.

Approximately 1 million tons less CO2 with Kombiverkehr

With the national de.NETeco+ network, Kombiverkehr KG offers its customers and their customers the best possible climate protection. That’s because “Eco Plus” is not about compensating for CO2 emissions, but genuine CO2 freedom  through a TÜV-approved system. Customers automatically receive proof of CO2 savings for all their shipments. And this applies in general, not just for shipments in the de.NETeco+ network. Because every shipment with Kombiverkehr is kind to the environment.

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