Our special offer for freight forwarders who are thinking about switching to rail for their long hauls.

There are plenty of advantages – and even more connections. And it’s that simple:

As a climate hero, you will achieve the climate targets set by the EU and the German Federal Government, key words being the “Green Deal” and the “Sustainability Strategy of the Federal Government:

  • 80 percent less CO2 with every transport by rail
  • National transports completely climate-neutral thanks to particularly sustainable energy from wind and water power
  • Annual climate balance sheet on request

As a climate hero you secure valuable advantages for all goods and commodities in multimodal rail transport:

  • 4 tonnes more load
  • Increased transport safety
  • Less investment risk
  • Easier to comply with social regulations
  • Growth opportunities for your company

As a climate hero, you will literally experience the highest flexibility for your transports in Germany and Europe:

  • Highly synchronised networks with multi-day departures
  • Around 170 train departures daily to more than 25 countries
  • 15,000 connections in gateway traffic
  • Maximum flexibility, one-stop shop and optimised connections to ferries and overseas ships
  • Connections on almost all TEN corridors

As a climate hero, you can easily switch to intermodal transport. Because we provide you with all-round support:

  • Contacts for hiring craneable trailers and for trucking services in the pre- and on-carriage stages
  • Advice on all technical issues, hazardous goods and waste transports, as well as on all customs matters
  • With the “CT Coach”, we train your employees to become qualified intermodal logistics specialists
  • Plus round-the-clock services such as timetable information systems, 24/7 transport monitoring, online booking, tracking & tracing, service hotline
  • Absolute neutrality: we work exclusively for freight forwarders and logistics companies, not for the shipping industry

As a climate hero, you get your first transport for free*. We invite you.
Start your intermodal future now in a simple and climate-friendly way. We look forward to the dialogue with you!

Your contact: Peter Dannewitz, Head of Sales, +49 69/79505-230, pdannewitz@kombiverkehr.de

Your company has not had a direct customer relationship with Kombiverkehr KG within the last five years. Your departure or destination terminal is in Germany. Your transport takes place in the de.NETdirekt+ and eu.NETdirekt+ networks (transports in the de.NETeco+ and eu.NETmaritim networks are not possible). Services of partner companies (e.g. shipping companies) and additional costs (e.g. storage fees) are not included in the offer. This climate hero offer is valid until 31 December 2021.

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