Truck drivers responsible for the regional first and final legs in intermodal transport now use service stations for refuelling only.

It’s a familiar story for every truck driver – tell a new acquaintance about working behind the steering wheel and the first response is sympathy: “Oh no, always on the road, never at home, sleeping at service stations. Why do you do it?”

Opinions are persistent, but so is Combined Transport. And this is why CT is restoring family life and evenings at home to every truck driver. Because CT means that trucks only cover short distances: the first leg from the loading point to the CT terminal and the final leg from the CT terminal to the customer. The goods and freight cover the longest section by rail, unaccompanied in cranable semitrailers, swap bodies and containers.

What was for many years just a pipe dream for many truck drivers is becoming a reality with the transition from road haulage to intermodal transport. A winning argument for this highly responsible job.

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